Enhanced Digital Infrastructure

Digital Infrastructure

Stability and Sustainability

The companies of ICT industry derive more value per kWh than any consumer of electricity and are most reliant on a stable and sustainable grid. They are more committed to sustainability than any industry in history and are global leaders in corporate renewables procurement. However, the problem is no longer a deficit of renewable generation, it is enhancing the grid to cope with increasing levels of renewables.

Resilience & Reliability

Gyrogy’s Energy Centre intervenes in grid faults to aid in preventing a system outage in place of waiting for the faults to occur.  The combination of technologies and control systems enable interactions to support the grid, and comfortable management of multiple subsequent faults while maintaining the core pillar of design – ‘data centre resilience.’

Cost Effective

Key infrastructure assets eliminated from the direct data centre Capex and Opex through deployment of a Gyrogy energy solution at the datacentre facility.

Sustainability and Decarbonising Datacentre Loads

The shift and application of technology benefits not only the datacentre by enabling a clear and deliverable decarbonisation strategy, but serves wider socio-economic interests through a low carbon type of spinning reserve function to the grid.

Energy Efficiency

Electrical infrastructure operating at Medium voltage with lower losses. PUE limited mainly by cooling solution.

Simple & Flexible Datacentre

Lean and more efficient design of todays facility and site areas, with the flexibility required for new generations of IT to come.