Enabling Energy Transition

Energy Transition

Gyrogy’s Energy Centre compensates power quality and capacity in the electricity network providing a valuable balancing service to the Grid.​

This enables higher levels of non-synchronous renewable generation to be deployed on the Grid.

Role of the Demand-Side in Energy Transition

Eirgrid believe that as renewable penetration figures grow, an ever increasing proportion of services will need to be obtained from the demand-side of the grid. Thus envisaging that large energy users -such as datacentres – potentially being a large provider of the flexibility required to operate the power system going forward.

Flexible Demand Response of Datacentre Load

At peak electricity demand the grid is most vulnerable and the fossil fuel mix is highest. At these times, the datacentre load is taken off the grid and supported from Gyrogy’s Energy Centre. Datacentres would only consume electricity when the Grid’s fuel-mix is predominantly renewable and abundantly available.

Continuous Grid Services

Solutions offering continuous grid services – from instantaneous response, fast frequency response essential for renewable grid systems, to the long term ramping addressing capacity pressures and shortfalls enabling the displacement of the conventional fossil fuel spinning reserve of the grid.

Ireland’s Energy Transition “Everything is Electrified” and “Everything is Connected”​

Successful implementation of Ireland’s Climate Action Plan could present the following scenario.​

  • Electricity Generation Sector leads the Energy Transition
  • Ireland derives 70% of its Electricity renewable sources by 2030.
  • Enabled by increasing non-synchronous penetration on the grid from 65% to 95% by 2030
  • Synchronous Generators fuelled from Oil, Coal and Peat are displaced.
  • Irelands Gas Grid gets greener through the injection of Biogas and Hydrogen.
  • More Transport and Heating Switches to Electricity.
  • Batteries continue to get more affordable and widely deployed.

Distributed Energy becomes mainstream at large scale and micro-scale.