Decarbonizing our Energy Infrastructure

Enabling growth in Digital Infrastructure while making the Energy Transition to a decarbonised system are two of the key challenges to be overcome by Ireland in the coming decades. These challenges arise because of its leading position in renewable energy integration and its burgeoning ICT industry. Other cities and countries will follow Ireland’s lead in developing Digital Infrastructure in a way that enables Energy Transition.

Gyrogy develops distributed energy infrastructure that decarbonises datacentre energy consumption and enables higher levels of renewable energy penetration on the grid. Gyrogy’s Energy Centre compensates power quality in the electricity grid and provides sustained uninterrupted power source for digital infrastructure. It's generation, storage and power-conditioning technologies augment the grid-supply to provide fully resilient power to on-campus datacentres.

Energy Transition and Digital Infrastructure are themes that will continue to shape and disrupt the world in the coming decades. They are often considered as being largely distinct topics and generally unrelated. Ireland is being challenged to deal with these trends concurrently, and before many other countries must even think about it.

Gyrogy will continue development of energy infrastructure that is complimentary to non-synchronous renewables and refine dispatch algorithms to outperform the grid for carbon intensity. We will move progressively towards renewable fuels of biogas and hydrogen to displace fossil fuels and find ways to reuse waste heat from datacentres, incorporating heat-pump and CHP applications where possible. We wish to address potential obsolescence of the existing hyperscale fleet through retrofitting sustainable infrastructure and capacity upgrades where possible, which is more sustainable than building new facilities. In the longer term we see potential to develop edge-scale energy centre solution to be deployed in “smart-cities” and integrated with EV Fleets and District heating.


Who we are

The senior management and board members of Gyrogy have been active for 15+ years in highly validated industries developing engineering and construction projects in digital infrastructure, pharmaceutical, process manufacturing and industrial process sectors establishing extensive experience from full life cycle design and build programme delivery to strategic business goals.